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Now you all know,
I've been attending
a conference
for minerals owners
in the oil and gas industry.


for decades, i didn't want to know about this stuff my father inherited from his grandfather, who is the one who began purchasing mineral property rights in the early part of the 1900s. my dad died decades ago, bequeathing all of it to my mother.

there's a lot of malarkey surrounding this inheritance going way back, much of it i don't know.

forever i've focused on environmental health. accepting money from the o&g industry has not been easy on my conscience.
it felt better when i was helping my mother with all of it.

anyway, since december, i've been registered for this NARO conference.
i've been embarrassed/ashamed to share this info. on this blog,
but i can't wipe it out of reality by not posting it here.

there are others like me. a couple of years ago, i met a bleeding-heart liberal man from San Francisco who started helping his father with their own mineral interests. he agreed it felt awkward, but he reminded me that o&g is more than running cars or destroying the drilled land. as we attempt to move away from paper books, more and more we're seeing plastic books. this week, we met an older man who's doing quite well in the business, having inherited it from his father. he says he's a true blue Democrat and not afraid to let others know it.

as o&g companies get more involved in alternative energies, it feels better. sure there are downsides to solar, wind, wave energy. not going into those issues now.

just trying to make peace with this new part of my life ... well ... renewed part of my life, which i didn't pay attention to as a kid.

funny, when mr. f and i were touring donald judd's steel box exhibit in marfa, texas, we started talking to a young woman who i really believed was a bright art student. she wore her "hippie" attire, long brown hair flowing down her back. turns out she's a true-to-life landman in tennessee.

tripped me right out.
you can't box us in. we're all individuals.

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