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Quick update the wilderness

Yesterday, Mr. F and I first heard, then saw, this papa Sandhill Crane with moma and their gosling.
I tried to get as close as they would let me and take this embarrassingly bad photo via my phone's camera. Eh, what can you do?
The photo, due to the built-in wide-angle lens, makes it seem like I was much further away. But I was about 15-20 feet from this Sandhill Crane.
I had no idea they were so big! Last year, we some them from quite a distance. I assumed they were smaller than a typical Canadian Goose, but no way. These cranes are huge!

We've been living in the forest for two weeks, and now I know the call of a Sandhill Crane. Just heard one a few minutes ago.
It's fun seeing all the different wildlife here. Most of it seems old hat to me since we've been coming to this nature retreat every summer Mr. F and I first met. Spotting deer is regular. In fact, seeing the Sandhill Crane family upstaged our sighting of a Whitetail Deer leaping away from the scene.

Besides the Sandhill Crane, there's a great variety of birds are here. On the larger side, we believe we saw an owl flying from its nest. It was at dusk, so we only saw the silhouette.

The most prevalent creature here, other than insects, seems to be the chipmunk. I know this is all very exciting. You have to admit though,  they're cute.

The other morning, there was a tick crawling on our bed covering heading straight for me! It was coming from the direction of where Miss P was sleeping. Yuck. Of all critters to be here, ticks have got to be the creepiest.

So, things seem to be going all right here. We are far away from a lot of the action, a good thing and a bad thing. Gives me time to focus on getting stuff done.

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