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Life in less than 350 square feet

Add a few days, and Mr. F and I have been living here in the forest for about 35 days.

The "kids" cabin, or cottage, we're inhabiting with Miss P is a few steps above out right camping.

Nestled in the forest, our living quarters consist of two rooms and a typical bathroom, a little less than 350 square feet, 50 of that makes up the bathroom.

"Tight living quarters," you're thinking?
It's not bad, for now.
It would help if we had less of some furniture,
way more storage. Two closets need clearing out for our clothing.
That's a bit of an issue at the moment.

After living 15 years in that huge 1922 four-bedroom house in Grand Rapids, I'm really glad to be back to smaller digs. Seriously. I had the experience of living in a big old house -- old and stylish is what I sought. Enjoyed it while it lasted, but knew from the start that house was far more space than one, even two, people need. Yet Mr. F and I found a way to fill that house beyond its own limitations.

So here we are. Living in almost 350 square feet.

At this point, we don't have a proper kitchen.

We rely on:
• A small cube-shaped refrigerator with miniscule freezer;
• A small Hibachi grill, which Mr. F uses for many meals;
• A half-sized microwave oven, we rarely use;
• One of those 1950s coffee percolators, which we use at least once a day;
• A toaster oven, which we rarely use at this point;
• A hutch-style cabinet for storing dry goods, dishes, glassware and utensils;
• And the bathroom sink for cleaning dishes.

For the first couple of weeks, I believed that little refrigerator was all we needed for cold storage. But it would be better if we had one twice its size, like those you see a lot in motel rooms in Florida. We definitely need more room for freezing leftovers. We could get one of those small freezers. Or we need to learn to cook less. I can't bare the thought of going back to our full-sized refrigerator, which is sitting in storage. It's too big for two people and one cat. Yet society leads us to believe we need that size. Just like everything else.

Our cabin has a third room, attached by a short walk-through closet, which houses the tractor, along with a menagerie of tools and stuff. Mr. F was extremely kind to allow me to store my bicycle there.

At some point, we hope to have an exterior storage structure to house all of that stuff.
Then we can turn this third room into a large kitchen ... or kitchen and ... a small guest room?
Again, this room is far more than I believe we realistically need for a kitchen.
Mr. F may believe otherwise. He's the one doing all the cooking.

So as we clear out what isn't needed, bring in what is, we'll continue to make a nice little summer home out of this place.
I hope we can find a similar sized place down in the Southwest.

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