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This entry is backdated to the date this encounter happened.

This afternoon I walked along the narrowly cut meadow path which borders the little forest here with the hope of at least seeing the little fawn from our spring encounter. There in the meadow was the little fawn with its sibling and parents!

The parents didn't see me right away and kept grazing in the long tall grass of the meadow.

When I was about 75 feet from them, I was surprisingly close, the parents looked up and saw me. They made their caution call to flee, and along with one of their fawns ran away.

The other fawn stayed where it had been grazing and looked at me with what I assume was not fear. It was wagging its tail, too. It seems likely this is the fawn Mr. F and I encountered on that thunderstorm evening when it sought us out for help. Knowing there's a possibility of deer hunters in the area, I shoed the fawn away with one arm and pleaded with him to "Go!" The fawn turned quickly and fled in the direction of its family.

Of course, I wanted to meet up with the fawn and hug it, but it needs to be wary of humans. Oh, well.

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