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The poll that enraged even the antitheists

Last night, I reposted the below poll in the [info]antitheism community and got skewered. It probably didn't help that I had posted the same poll in the [info]atheism forum the week before. Just trying to figure out who, if any, is my audience for the phrase, "You pray, I'll play." It's quite small. Not sure anyone who isn't a member of the 
[info]antitheism community will be able to read the results, but here's the link anyway.

So, how about this phrase instead for a bumper sticker?

Kevin Warwick is my guru.

x-posted to [info]atheism

Thank you to [info]antitheism moderator/maintainer, [info]rpeate, for encouraging me to post this poll here.
Please take a moment to take the poll. I look forward to ALL of your answers!

Poll #1461389 You pray, I'll play poll

Do you like the phrase, "You pray, I'll play?"

Sort of.

If you don't like this phrase, why?

If you like this phrase, what do you think of the idea of it on a bumper sticker?

Love it, and would put it on my car's bumper.
Love it, but wouldn't put it on my car's bumper.
Worry about its message.
Would definitely not put it on my car's bumper.
It's too offensive.

Please expand on your thoughts to previous question.


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Sep. 29th, 2009 02:39 pm (UTC)
So, I like that peoples' "reasoning" includes things like "STUPID!" and "LAME!". I don't blame you for posting the same poll in two places, if this is what you get as discourse. Bitchiness online is still tough for me to deal with, so I empathize with the negativity here.

Bumper stickers are are kitsch and niche, I think, and from what I've gathered, atheists or debate folks usually don't fit into that group because of the ever-polarizing market bumper stickers have. Like witty t-shirts; it's either hilarious to you, or completely irritating and offensive. I think as products, they're really losing their charm. Tempting, certainly, if you want to reach out to like-minded folks, play with designs, and make a few bucks... but I wonder if this is the outlet that will pan out for you!

Personally, I think this one conjures up an image of a carefree, ne'er do well atheist with no morals or value system. Maybe good for a satanist or a rock star, but not necessarily an atheist. That's my thought. :)
Oct. 2nd, 2009 01:13 am (UTC)
Re: Finally;
Hi C, I just finished a long reply, and it got lost due to the network resetting and requesting me to re-log in. Ugh. Oh well. I have to learn brevity.


True, many of the poll responses were vacuous. However, some were pithy, and that's what I was looking for.

For whatever reason, I was all right with all the negativity. Maybe because I was intensely lambasted last year with that one post on racism. Who knows, I may crumble with the next somewhat controversial post.

I'm loving your focus group: satanists! Brilliant. It makes sense now that it's been placed in front of me. Keeping my own head in the sand regarding religion, I believed those opposed to organized religion would enjoy my 15-year-old humor. Oh, well.

It's an incredible bummer to learn that bumper stickers may be losing their appeal. For decades, I refused to put them on my own car. Now that I'm a free agent, I want to plaster the car. Maybe I'll have an audience of one: me. ;-)

Thank you so much, C, for your insightful thoughts. Yes, indeed. :)
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