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A month to go to ABQ

I'm getting really excited about moving to Albuquerque.

Though being the procrastinators that Mr F and I are, we have much to do. We continue our purging/decluttering and pre-move activities. Tons of chaos.

Plus, Mr F will be gone at least a week to be on site to finish up a project he's been working on. It looks like I'll be participating in a national rail transit conference in Boston the end of the month. They've contacted me about participating. Triple yea! The DC USHSR conference doesn't seem likely, which may be all right. Maybe next year? This Boston conference seems to have a better focus on what I've been researching.

Plus, there's ArtPrize this weekend in GR, which I'm making last-minute plans to attend. As stressful as life has been lately, it seems best to cancel this trek. However, I'm crossing my fingers our timing may be all right.

That's what we get for procrastinating.

Exciliarating. ;-)

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Oct. 1st, 2009 03:04 pm (UTC)
Wow, that's quite a lot going on! Go ABQ!

It's really cool to see you advocating for high-speed rail and getting so involved. I'm so often involved in bike-versus-car stuff that I forget there are many transportation options out there. Nice to have my head pulled out of the sand periodically. ;)

I was intrigued by the concept of ArtPrize, and saw some of the bigger pieces on displays in vacant windows. Very curious how people can even begin judging so many different art forms, so I'd like to know what you perceive in the whole affair.
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