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That rail transportation conference was great, though I missed the last day, because I woke up with a bad first round of imminent bronchitis.
Headed straight to Rhode Island where one of my sisters lives and checked into the first relatively inexpensive hotel I could find, where I was down for the count for a full week.

Definitely a drag, but I can't help but think of the humorous side. Getting a bad illness while traveling seems to happen 50 percent of the time. That is funny, right?

I saw my RI sister once during that week, onlybecause I didn't want to give her this horrific illness and I felt pretty bad. It's bad enough getting it. Why spread it?

Yesterday morning, I made it out of those stale shadows and drove to my other sister's house in Westchester County, NY.
For lunch, we met up with my eldest brother and enjoyed too short of a reunion.

Stayed at my NY sister's house last night, which was wonderful. Got to spend a little bit of time with her daughter and husband AND their two cute fuzzy dogs who are of a special breed I can never remember. Lovable little guys, those two.

This morning I high-tailed it to NJ and met my middle brother and his son for a long, leisurely lunch. It's been about 20 years since I've seen both of them – my nephew had been about four years old then – so this was quite a treat. 

Now I'm in a hotel room in northwestern Maryland wondering if I should be heading to North Carolina tomorrow because it sounds like Hurricane Ida is heading in the same direction. Not quite as far north as North Carolina, but close enough to create a lot of residue rainstorms in NC.

Meanwhile, Mr F started settling into our new apartment in Albuquerque. I wish I was there with him, but that isn't going to happen for at least a week. Miss P is back to living in her castle-size carrier. Hopefully by the time I get there, Miss P will feel comfortable enough to sleep elsewhere in the apartment and I won't have this obnoxious cough.

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