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Below is a quick and dirty letter I wrote to Albuquerque's new mayor, Mayor Richard Berry. I had to write it quickly because Mr F was ready with dinner. Eek!

Dear Mayor Berry,

Thank you for the time to listen to individual members of the Albuquerque community.

I am writing you this evening, because I urge you to continue working on Albuquerque's Climate Action Plan by working with the Climate Action Task Force, which was established in 2008. The city continues to grow and we need to continue to focus on cleaner energy sources, traffic congestion, liveable neighborhoods and much more.

Albuquerque is on its way to becoming a more sustainable city by adding bike boulevards and articulated buses to city streets. We can do better by bringing light rail to our city streets, carrying many riders in the same space we currently see one person in one passenger car. We can encourage people to ride public transportation if we give them a free-ride day at least once a year and/or free-ride days during Ozone Action Days.

We can improve our recycling program to encourage apartment complexes to participate by having their own drop-off stations and by placing separate recycling containers alongside trash receptacles in public buildings and outdoor spaces. These don't need to take up a lot of room. If they are there, people will use them.

Please continue to give incentives to builders and businesses which follow green-building principles.

Also, I don't believe these two issues are addressed by the city's Climate Action Task Force, but we need to focus on better waste management and ample water supply. This is an obvious statement, but both issues only grow worse with increased populations. Being in the desert, well, you understand the water-supply issue.

Thank you very much for reading my letter to you. I wish you well in your new position as mayor.


Nancy JonesFrancis

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