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Yikes! I wanted to dash off that letter to ABQ's mayor so quickly that I failed to read the comprehensive proposal for Albuquerque's Climate Action Plan. Here's a quick update ... with minor edits, because I left out some conjunctions and propositions in the one I sent to him. :/

Dear Mayor Berry,

I am a new resident to New Mexico and when I wrote to you last time, I did a quick review of Alququerque's proposed Climate Action Plan and what the Task Force is focusing on.

After reading more extensively, I see that there is a solid proposal for managing solid waste diversion, obviously by encouraging and/or mandating citizens and businesses to recycle more, compost more, use less, reuse more in order to lessen the burden on existing landfills, and further in the future eliminate their use all together in hopes of creating zero waste. This is an important issue as you know. When one thinks of the trash barges floating off the coast of New York, because no other country will take them, makes it clear we need to do something. And that's only one small refuse issue. There are the trash islands created in the seas far from public view.

Also in the city's proposed Climate Action Plan, I found the proposals for water harvesting and agressive water conservation. Looks like Albuquerque is already working on harvesting water.

Please work with your city council members to make Albuquerque's Climate Action Plan a reality. It is vital to the health and well-being of not only the city's residents, but of the city itself.

Thank you, for taking time to read this addendum to my first letter to you and that original letter.

With best regards,

Nancy JonesFrancis

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