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Ellie encounters

While walking along 4th Avenue in Tucson a couple of days ago, our family group of five encountered a very tall black man with a beautiful face and even more beautiful green eyes.

I wouldn't mention this except:

1) He was talking loudly about how ugly a black man with green eyes is.

2) Being my gregarious self, I had to look around, and talk to him.

Gorgeous, exotic looking young man. He reminded me of Vanessa Williams in her youth, and I told him so. She's beautiful. He mentioned Tyra Banks. She's another beauty. But his looks are closer to Vanessa's.

This guy was harmless, though probably seeking cash. He said he wanted to ask me something. I immediately told him I don't have any cash on me, which is generally true. Enough for a round-trip bus ride and not much more.

With that response, he asked where we were from, and I said Michigan.

As we parted ways, I told him, again, to enjoy his good looks. He said, "Bless You."

During the course of this conversation, my husband's family slighly moved a head of us. They aren't used to engaging strangers on the street, I'm guessing, and probably feel it is safer not to.

Oh well, I enjoyed the exchange.

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