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Poster for Pollock starring Joe Perrachio
Poster for "Pollock" starring Joe Peracchio.

Tonight Mr F and I went to one of several plays, which is part of the three-week
Revolutions International (live) Theater Festival.

This is the second of two plays we've seen during this festival, and both were excellent.
The group behind this festival,
Tricklock, spends the rest of the year traveling to different parts of the world looking for innovative theater and top-notch actors to participate in Revolutions. This year there are 13 plays performed during the three-week festival. It seems like each play has three performances only. If you miss a play in the first week, then you've missed it.

Last weekend we saw the one-man play, Pollock, which is a joint production from Jerusalem, LA and New York City. It was an amazing play, which I enjoyed more than the 2000 film of the same name starring Ed Harris. The props were minimal. And instantly, it became clear why Joe Peracchio is considered a superb actor. New Mexico is fortunate to have him here. A one-man play is considered difficult in itself. But to add a high level of physical activity to such a play brings the genre of one-man shows to a whole other level. Peracchio embodied Pollock for those two hours of high energy and intense passion. Turns out Peracchio was a student of Marcel Marceau. 

Tonight we saw another high-energy play, a modern interpretation of "Don Quixote" called, The Unpossessed. Though the play was quite good, I came to the venue with the idea that I was going to see something straight out of a Las Vegas show. Circus-like with acrobatics and physical stunts. The entire play focused on movement all over the performance space, yet it didn't feel gimmicky. There was a grace to the acrobatics and general movement. Definitely choreographed chaos. It was worth seeing, the message not lost amongst all that frenetic activity.

If we could afford it, Mr F and I would have been attending plays throughout this entire festival. 

How refreshing to be in a community with a high-level of live theater, and it's not LA or NYC.

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