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Urban sprawl: good or bad or neutral?

Here's a quick note to a friend how asks if urban sprawl is bad. This thought could use some elaboration. Please forgive me if I'm repeating myself from past posts:

Urban sprawl is bad in that you need to use fuel to get your car to travel long distances. This includes trucking in food stuffs and other goods from even further away. When fuel runs out, there will be no way food can be delivered from far away. Farm preservation is a necessity, so we have local sources.

Yeah, yeah. That includes trucking in water supplies ... like for desert cities. In ABQ we get our drinking water from the aquifers and the Rio Grande. I don't know if it's enough for today's population. In the future, not so good, I bet.

The American Dream of owning one's own home out in the rolling meadows with decent amount of land is romantic, yet not healthy for a growing metropolis. It is a concept that helped get the car industry booming.

Arcosanti is a neat solution to urban sprawl, yet it doesn't address the physically challenged community.

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