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Apr. 5th, 2010

Tonight on the bus, an older, unkempt man got on. He smelled strongly of feces. After a bit, the bus driver asked this man to leave. He did.

Part of the story is a bit off color. SO anyone who doesn't want to read the rest go elsewhere.

It was clear those around me were all holding their noses. There was a businessman sitting close to this smelly individual, so not everyone on the bus was a derelict.

It was probably a good five minutes before the bus driver loudly asked this smelly man to get off the bus. He said a couple of times, "Sir in the orange jacket, get off the bus!" The smelly man, who was wearing an orange jacket finally asked, "Who me?" The bus driver said, "Yes, you." The bus was stopped, and the smelly man left the bus peacefully.

The bus driver left the front door wide open as we drove away to clear the air. Then someone noticed there was a large pellet on the floor where the smelly man had sat. People started talking about being careful where you step as you exit the bus. The whole bus was in an uproar over this whole incident. Laughing and trying to get at least one other person kicked off the bus.

I'm still going to continue to ride the bus. Just might bring an old newspaper along to sit on.

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