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Team 2010 Census

Working since the last week of April on the 2010 Census has been nothing less than a blast. Meeting all kinds of people. How can that not be fun? Even meeting the curmudgeons. I was able to convince a couple of them to take the survey, though the few I met were quite adament against taking it.

Getting to know some of the neighborhoods was a bonus. Seeing beautiful houses and multi-house units. Seeing the sad, abandoned houses, either half finished or in need of someone who could revitalize it and turn it back into the gem it once was. Discovering the common and practical phenomenon of casitas, a secondary house usually behind the larger house originally meant as a place for grandma or grandpa to live. This is still a common practice, however in the neighborhoods I was working, many college students rent these. Some of these casitas have grown to equal the size of their front houses with intricate gardens and pathways between the two.

Of course, the reason I even thought of working for the Census is because of the excitement every 10 years of receiving the Census data at the newspaper. Getting all those statistics and seeing the new trends in the US, my gosh, what fun. To actually be a small part of that process was great. I understand a lot of people don't like giving up some of their vital information, but what they don't realize is that very private info isn't released for 72 years to be available for genealogical purposes.

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