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Here's a week's worth of typos I twittered, texted, updated, while using my iPhone. The problem isn't the keyboard, but the fact that one's fingers are too big ... even my tiny fingers. Some of these typos create whole new meanings to the original intent of the sentence.

My personal rules for documenting typos:
1) No self-correcting before hitting send button.
2) Has to have happened naturally.

• I can meet you at tour pace in 5.

• Starting today, for one week I'm going to allow All typos to post on Twitter, fb, text MSGs. They will be coolected in an lj blo post.

• I live you. (This is the most frequent typo I make, and my favorite.)

• Farmers' market is on my calendar. Do no excuses, but laziness. (This is supposed to read, "So," not "Do.")

• Karate Kid has to be 100x better than the original for me to see it. If you were up for Lillers, I'd go with you.

• In at fs (This is supposed to read, "I'm at FS.")

• Ko (This is supposed to read, "'K," short for O.K.)

• Sounds Luke fun, -----. (Should read, "Sounds like fun, ------.")

• Live and hugs, ...

• This article tslks about the success of interactive web sites.

• Ate you fine with tap water?

• your voice mailbox is dull. (Actually, THIS is my favorite typo ... "dull" instead of "full.")

• wanted me tonstopnleaving ... notices at his house. (I kept hitting the "n" key instead of the space bar. Should read: "wanted me to stop leaving ..." Also, this subject concerns work issues.)

• I guess thus means my booth location won't be the beat. (Should read, "this" not "thus" and "best" not "beat")

• You dint have to tell me about your bust social schedule!


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Jun. 28th, 2010 05:54 am (UTC)
The last one is the funniest!
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