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Update on ice skating

This afternoon, I went skating again, AND it was a much better experience. 

I don't know if it's because I'm getting used to the blades, again, or what. But it was a much different experience than those first two days back in October. And, yes, it's all me. My blades have nothing to do with lack of comfort or skill.

One thing I've noticed on all three occasions is that the longer I spent practicing and being on the ice, the more comfortable I felt. Even though I was dog tired near the end of each session, the actual gliding on the ice and maintaining edges improved. At the end of this last session, I decided to do a series of waltz jumps ... probably about eight of them ... one right after another. Not three turns in between each. Leap. Leap. Leap. It felt great! Which is still pathetic, because waltz jumps used to be brainless efforts for me. 

Baby steps and patience.

A wonderful coach there noted that she could see the level of skill I once had and emphasized focusing on edges ... boring edges ... she's right. In the end they will bring back confidence. So will stroking as much as possible to gain stamina and speed.

Anyway. It was a positive experience considering this new, less than ideal, level.