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Occupy Albuquerque

Some of you may not know that Occupy Albuquerque lost its permanent home a few weeks ago, when the president of UNM decided to not renew the permit. Thankfully, the mayor has said OA can protest in any public park, but only during "park" hours. I guess that means between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., or sunset. Anyway, we had an OA today in honor of 11.11.11. I attended. It was my first one!

Here's what I wrote to a friend about my experience today:

Interesting day. Didn't head over to Occupy ABQ right away (it started at 11 a.m.), but was there for the
last few hours, until we were civilly kicked out. Met up with some people I haven't seen in at least a year, so it was good to catch up with them. Also met a lot of new, interesting people. Lots of displaced workers. Lots of flower children (I feel like one, but am not as free as many whom I know). Lots of activists. And a decent mix of the intoxicated and/or generally wasted. Thankfully this latter group didn't cause too much trouble, but one woman was giving me a hard time for no reason that I could discern. I met the guy who started OA. Nice guy who's not over-the-top, as I had expected. I didn't see [our mutual friend] there, but maybe she had to teach or maybe she was there earlier in the day. I've seen her at several other events I've been to since meeting her at the M.E. March. She seems to be active with many groups, causes.

I'm really glad I finally made it out to one! The originator of OA said they are continuing to look for a permanent home. I'm crossing my fingers. These peaceful protests are incredibly important.

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