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ether pad

on the road

nature techno girl
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If you want to know a little about me,
a former co-worker and friend of whom I will always be fond, Scott Stantis, called me:

A tree-huggin', granola-munchin',
Berkinstock-wearin', liberal kind of gal.

As true as that quote is,
don't put me in a little box;
fore, I am more complicated than that.

The astute </b>waning_estrogen once replied to one of my more intense posts saying,

... I sounded ... like a chipmunk on a double espresso.
This would be the neurotic female Woody Allen persona deeply engrained within my being thanks to my Jewish heritage. Oddly enough, I still harbor the trait even though I've never officially practiced Judaism. Go figyah.

Bio No. 1: Where I perch on the modern-day "nuclear" family tree

Bio No. 2: Growing up in Las Vegas* updated 11/14/2005 *

Bio No. 3: Artistic potential and what to pursue

my philosophy on grammar

Personal quotes:

on drinking in bars
i'm "... not a big drinker ... however, (if i was hanging out with those who imbibe and) ... they were smoking, i'd have to leave and take a gatttaca shower."

Our Great Adventure 2009, mapped

Make sure to check out both pages. Google split it up. :/

Check out my media transportation blog:

annie oakley of pecos

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